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Art Deco Jewellery at Occasions Jewellers in Lincolnshire!

Art Deco jewellery Art Deco jewellery at Occasions Jewellery Lincolnshire.

British Made 1920's Style Deco Jewellery


In the roaring 20's glitz and glamour was so popular that jewellery and clothes were decorative to the extreme, but never looked out of place.  Art  Deco jewellery has never lost its appeal and we have a wonderful selection of Art Deco rings made by British craftsmen to the highest standards, made in 9 carat yellow gold and set with Diamonds,  Sapphires, Garnets, Topaz, Rubies and cubic sirconia's, infact can be made with any gems requested.  Our craftsman designing and making the Art Deco style jewellery have completely captured the 1920's look which could be mistaken for  an orignal  1920's piece. All pieces are either pave or rubbed over setting which show the stones to perfection with a smooth lines for the finish.  

The advantages of having a custom made piece are made to your specifications, size choice of metals, which makes the piece personal to you, re-knowned British Craftsmen masters of design and craft, your choice as to whether you choose diamonds and semi precious stones or you go for the AAA cubic zirconias.  Why should you come to Occasions Jewellers of Lincolnshire to have your jewellery made, we offer a personal service,



Art Deco rings some of the newest editions to our stock, all made in 9 carat yellow gold, all the stones are either pave or rubbed over settings, using the finest Diamonds, Sapphires, Garnets, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and cubic zirconia all our craftsmen are British their workmanship is superb and quality is re-knowed  throughout the jewellery organisation.

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We offer an engraving service for that personal touch.

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